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Why use stucco

  • Weatherproof. Properly mixed and applied stucco should NOT permit passage of water through it.
  • Can be configured to any design requirement.
  • Fireproof. Stucco provides a one-hour fire resistance rating.
  • Durable. Lasts the life of the building.
  • Little or no maintenance. Stucco does not need to be painted. When a stucco surfaces gets dirty, it can be cleaned with a garden hose.
  • Any desired texture or finish - limited only by imagination.
  • Noise resistant. The mass of stucco controls noise better than other finishes.
  • Economical. Stucco buildings can be completed faster than other claddings resulting in lower costs.
  • Attractive. Stucco finishes present pleasing aesthetics in any environment.
  • For homes, it can be applied to keep up with production. One week from start to finish.
  • Easily repaired. Damage to stucco finishes can be remedied easily at negligible cost.
  • Protection. A lath and plaster assembly resists penetration in a short time, and requires tedious work to get through.
  • Does not need repainting. If a new color is desired, a stucco fog coat can be applied at lost cost.